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Ágata Roquette

I am a nutritionist, graduated from Instituto Superior das Ciências da Saúde-Sul.

I am currently working at Go Clinic in Atrium Saldanha, where I assist, among other people, pregnant women and new mothers. I also work in Estoril in a spa and in the consulting company Accenture, where I offer nutritional advice to the staff.

I have written six books on Nutrition, one of which has sold over 250,000 copies, titled A Dieta dos 31 Dias.

This first book was followed by As Regras de Ouro da Nutricionista Ágata Roquette, As Receitas — A Dieta dos 31 Dias, Juntos Conseguimos! A Comida dos Miúdos Cá de Casa and A Nova Dieta dos 31 Dias.